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Please, read the terms and conditions very carefully because they govern the relationship between the provider, the company Grec d.o.o., Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter Grec d.o.o.), and users or buyers of goods and services on the website / store

As a visitor, a user of software Grec d.o.o. or a buyer of goods and services related to the offer on the pages of, you are obliged to follow all the terms, and you have all the rights and obligations, which are listed on these pages, as well as all rights and duties, which lists the applicable law on the protection of the consumer. is a website / store intended to users of the software Grec d.o.o., random visitors and customers in the online store. Thus, a website, an online store, as well as all the software related to the service is owned by the company Grec d.o.o.

Software package Grec d.o.o. is designed for users to send photo files to photographic processing. The program is free and made in Slovenian language. It is not allowed to reverse compile, process or use the program for other purposes without the permission of the author of the program.

Company Grec d.o.o., its representatives or employees shall not be liable for any problems caused by the use of the software package on the user's or any other computer or work computer equipment.

The use of the program is at your own risk. To understand the mode of operation of the program and for preparing digital files before sending you should always read the instructions and contributions that are posted on our website.

Received files / photos will be manufactured in quantities, formats and in the manner specified by the client / user of the program in accordance with the current offer. Any changes to such offers will be posted on these pages. By using the user agrees and undertakes to abide by all terms and conditions listed on these pages. All booked services will be charged at current rates. Prices already include the cost of postage. All published prices include VAT. The client is obliged to take over the designed photos or printed materials and pay in a manner, which is posted in each individual software package. Various software packages contain a variety of options and ways of payment for services ordered. Method of payment is always displayed before the final order.

Only those orders shall be made that are equipped with the full address, email address, and phone. Incomplete order is dismissed without notice to client. The order becomes valid when it arrives on the Grec d.o.o. server provider, on which the sender is further informed by e-mail. If the user does not receive such a notification, it means that the order was not properly placed. Such notification shall contain address information, quantities and prices.


The right to cancel an order of photo prints and printed material is excluded, because the photos of offers shall be made on the instructions of the client and adapted to their personal needs. Ordered magnets and other printed materials may be refused only in the event of poor technical performance at the latest within 15 days of receipt.

Subsequent enforcement of obvious errors is excluded. Hidden defects need to be enforced immediately after discovery or within the statutory period of six months. In the case of justified complaints the company Grec d.o.o. first has the right of replacement delivery. Where replacement delivery is not possible or fails, the client has the right to request cancellation of the contract or reduction of the price. In the case of termination of the contract the client is obliged to return all goods; shipment costs are paid by the client. Other warranties are handled by the terms of trade. Guarantee for consequential damages, resulting from defects, is excluded.

All communication costs as a result of sending photo files and other possible costs related to work with the software are not included in the price of the service and are charged to the user / client.

All data, issued invoices and other documentation relating to the services or goods sold is in the archive of the company Grec d.o.o. and is considered as a trade secret. At the request of the user we can release a copy of the document, which refers to a particular service only if it is read to him personally and the user demonstrates this with the corresponding identity document. Photographic files / photos / are not stored and are deleted immediately after production.

Users of the services when sending files to the photographic processing need to be aware that they use the Internet and there is always the possibility of unauthorized intrusion into their privacy / unauthorized access to the transmitted photographic material. All texts, graphics, photos and videos are author's property and may not be used without author's permission.

When ordering goods or services the buyer agrees that the company Grec d.o.o. informs him on his e-mail address about news and current offer of the company. Of course, the customer may at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an unsubscribe request to


Terms and Conditions of purchasing and ordering services at a distance within the company Grec d.o.o. and ordering the manufacture of magnetic kits and other printed materials in system via the Internet.

Website supply of managed by Grec d.o.o., provides insight into current offer of magnets, other printed materials and services, and offers the opportunity to purchase the presented goods 24 hours a day. Interrelationships between the buyer and the supplier of the goods presented on pages are governed by the terms and conditions presented on these sitesThe use of online store, online programs and all presentations on these sites is free. User agrees that all personal information necessary to order products or services will be entered exactly.


Grec d.o.o. will treat the orders received through the online store as irrevocable. For every order of goods or services, the buyer receives the order confirmation to his/her email address. After receipt of notification that the order has been accepted, cancellation of the order is no longer possible.

For quality monitoring of Grec d.o.o. program notices make sure that your electronic mailbox can receive e-mail with the extension Undelivered messages are not the reason for any subsequent cancellation of the order.

Orders transmitted via system become valid with the confirmation of the client, stating that he/she is aware of the conditions of purchase. This notice is confirmed by the user voluntarily, and in this way shows that the user agrees with the ordered service and price. Ordered and delivered goods remain the property of the company Grec d.o.o. until the final payment.

Published prices and prices in the published offers are irrevocable and shall be valid only for purchase through the online store and Grec d.o.o. system.
All prices on the website / shop are in EUR (Euro) and all transactions will be carried out in that currency.

Payments of goods are carried out under the conditions provided by the forms for the purchase in each individual version of the program. Payment terms can vary depending on the type of the selected program or service.


Price list for selected goods or services enters into force at the moment of accession to the purchase, respectively at the time of completion and order placement through the website / store Price list of services or goods is an integral part of the software for ordering and as such it is binding.

Web price list is informative in nature and it may differ in some parts from the price list in the program Grec d.o.o. For orders on site applies only the price list offered by the website / store


Company Grec d.o.o. can reject the order for which it finds that cannot be performed under these conditions.

Company Grec d.o.o. can reject any order that is contrary to the way of using without further explanations.

The Company is not materially responsible for the irregularly executed orders or orders which are not in accordance with the terms and conditions published on this site.


Passwords that bring to the discounts are published on our web pages from time to time.

Discounts can only be exercised on the basis of valid passwords in the amount published. Password or discount cannot be enforced retrospectively but only upon confirmation of the order. The amount of the discount is evaluated in the preview form for calculating the price before the final order is placed.

Discounts may be presented as a percentage, specified amounts or free items.

Discounts are valid only when used correctly and in a manner which is published on our website throughout the duration of the password. Using the services of commercial printing and the use of services outside the program do not fall into the category of the use of discount passwords.

All published passwords that bring a discount have an expiration date, which is published on our site. After the expiration date, the password becomes invalid and the program rejects it.
Passwords can also have a limited number of uses. Certain passwords can only be used once; other can be used several times. In one order, you can always use only one password. Discounts are never added up because they are tied to one order only.

Discounts are designed to encourage users to use the website / store and are tied exclusively to the use of the website.

All discounts offered by the website / store are tied to the password that must be entered in the space for the password just before the order placement. Client, the user is only entitled to the discount, which is allowed by the program by entering the correct password. 

Incorrectly entered password, the password which has expired or has already been used will be rejected by the program as invalid. Rejection of password is irrevocable and cannot be changed subsequently.
Since in the company Grec d.o.o. we do not monitor the way of use of the website / store, the hardware of users, and their operating systems, we cannot be held liable for cases where the program rejects the password for "unknown reasons". Discount cannot be enforced in any other way. If you have any questions, please, contact us via the company contact form.

Subsequent enforcement of discount is not possible. Discount cannot be enforced by phone, email or in any other way that is not related to registration into the Grec d.o.o. program.


Parts of the web pages are published in foreign languages and are intended for visitors of the World Wide Web. All prices, which are in other currencies, are informative. All issued invoices for services rendered abroad are in the currency Euro and informatively displayed in the currency to which they relate.

Online store will deliver the ordered goods to the buyer by means of post delivery service by Post of Slovenia and by the terms and conditions of this company. Delivery time of purchased goods begins on the first working day after 4 pm after the inflow of funds to our bank account, or by agreement with the buyer for payments on delivery.


Deadline for production of orders varies depending on the workload of production. 
The minimum time that we need to produce the order: 2 working days.

The average time that we need to produce the order: 3 working days.

Goods are delivered by Post of Slovenia.


If you require further information concerning the guarantee terms of service of the website / store, please, feel free to contact us at our phone number 00 386 1 519 05 03.

All messages and material that you submit via e-mail, including any data, questions, comments, suggestions, and similar things will be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary information.
All personal data of buyers, the subject of purchase, amounts and other documents related to the purchase are a trade secret and are kept at the registered office of the company.
Children under the age of 18 years, prior to communicating e-mail address or other personal information, should ask for permission of their parents or guardians.

All services of the website / shop fall under the general terms and conditions of guarantees for such products.
The company guarantees the quality of materials used in the service of making digital files in the manner specified by the manufacturer of photographic material and equipment. Warranty terms and conditions of order delivery are assumed by the company Post of Slovenia, which is our contractual partner.

The ordered magnetic kits and other printed materials from the offer of website / shop can be rejected in case of poor technical performance or failure to comply with written instructions, which accompany the order, namely at the latest within 15 days of receipt.

Subsequent enforcement of obvious errors is excluded. Hidden defects need to be enforced immediately after discovery or within the statutory period of six months.
In the case of justified complaints the company Grec d.o.o. has first the right of replacement delivery. Where replacement delivery is not possible or fails, the client has the right to request cancellation of the contract or reduction of the price. In the case of termination of the contract the client is obliged to return all goods; shipment costs are paid by the client.

Other warranties are handled by the terms of trade. Guarantee for consequential damages, resulting from defects, is excluded.

Complaints are accepted only in writing, by mail to the address of the company. The complaint by e-mail (without seeing the defective goods) is considered for information purposes only without binding conclusions.

The written complaint should include:

Name and surname of the client
Copy of the issued invoice
Description of complaint
Proposal for resolving the complaint (refund or renewal of the order)


If the advertised services from the website / store cannot be repaired, the goods under complaint will be produced again and shipped to the client free of charge. Defective goods are returned by the user at his own expense and the user can decide between the refund or renewal of the service. Complaint process begins only after the arrival of the defective goods at the company headquarters: Grec d.o.o., Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU.

Warranty Terms of Service are monitored by the specifics of ordering. In certain parts of the service, user files, which may be the subject of a complaint, are deleted, so it is necessary to resend them in the case of renewal. Such sending of files is at the expense of the user.

The complaint does not include:

1 / Colour deviations between the designed photo (on the magnet or in printed form) and display on the client's computer.
2 / Colour or tonal variations between the sales articles.
3 / Missing parts of the contents of recordings due to a discrepancy between the digital file format and selected format in the order.
4 / Poor image quality by the client, which are submitted for order.
5 / Edge cutting of the motif on photos or printed materials as a result of the production technology or printing, regardless of the full match of the aspect ratio between the ordered and the selected file format. Photos: 1.5 mm at each side, digital printing 2.5 mm at each side.
6 / Grammatical or typographical errors in the files submitted for printing.
8 / Empty contents in the ordered printed materials as a result of unfinished projects.
9 / Incorrectly executed order due to the requirements that are an integral part of the order.

Program Grec d.o.o., for creating printed materials in its desktop or online version, is designed for amateur, home hobby designers. The dimensions and shapes of the layout are approximate and do not reflect the actual state of the final product, thus the program should not be used for professional purposes. In the case of the need for accurate reproduction of shaped and ordered product, please consult with employees in Grec d.o.o. on the telephone number 00 385 1 519 05 03 or contact us via mail. Complaints based on the differences between what the user sees on the home screen and what is actually printed will not be considered.

An example of the differences between the visible and printed:

The spacing between letters, sentences, paragraphs
Distances from the object to the edge of the printed material / trimmed objects or white borders
The thickness of the border on the objects within the printing area
Strength and distance of the shaded objects 


The whole system of reporting and purchase is done through session cookiesThese are cookies that are stored on your computer only during the time you use our site. When you close the browser or when your session expires (in a few hours) such cookie is deleted from your computer. Cookies are completely harmless because they do not leave any traces on the computer, but they are a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the page.

Deleting the user from any database of the system Grec d.o.o.

In case that the user or visitor of the website / store, owned by Grec d.o.o., does not agree with the conditions of operation, the user should stop using the service and delete or ask for deletion of  all his/her data from the database of the system. All elements of the program, texts, photos and other contents that were downloaded from the website should also be deleted from the computer.

In the event that the manager of the website / store determines that the user does not abide by the rules of operation, he has the right to delete such user from any database of the system, and in this way disable the use of the service.
The manager of the website / store can temporarily block the user also in case, if there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse or inappropriate use of the program, services, campaigns and other contents of the websites / shop

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